Entertainment and Leisure


Tuesday 4th July


Fun Run and Walk - 7am

Delegates have the opportunity to take part in a planned fun run around the NEC local area at 7am before session start on the first day of the event. The route is planned and marshals will be on route. Walk or run, all welcome!


Craftivism Workshop - 7pm

(Location: Hall 10)​

Delgates will have the opportunity to partcipate in a quilt making workshop alongside NUS staff. Here delegates can embrioder positive message on their quilt section, referencing when they have been a part of good collaboration within the movement, or shown resilience. This quilt will then be donated to charity. 


Post Pals Card Making Workshop - 7pm

(Location: Hall 10)​

Delegates will have the opportunity to take part in a card marking workshop through the charity Post Pals. Here delegates can ‘Post a Smile on a Sick Child’s Face’ by the producing a personalised card for a seriously ill child and their siblings in the UK.


Empowerment Workshop: Master your mind set: Accelerate your Awesomeness​ - 8.30pm–10pm 

(Location: Concourse Suite 21)

This workshop delivered by Different Ways of Thinking Ltd, will provide an insight into our services and provide an introduction to how you can get more out of life, an opportunity to discover your own true potential, learn about yourself and discover how to master your mind set for an awesome journey ahead. Come along for a brief immersion into the power of the mind, learning that the resources you need to move forward positively in life are already within you. Through play, lots of laughter and fun activity we will together open the door to transformation, instilling courage to dream and you will leave with an incredible experience of your power to accomplish amazing results! We will demonstrate how the removal of fear and limiting beliefs enables you to achieve anything.

Have you got what it takes when it comes to the crunch? Maybe you could be the participant who has the opportunity to walk on broken glass! (You must NOT have consumed alcohol during the day/evening!)


Wednesday 5th July

NUS Awards 2017 Dinner and Celebration - 7pm